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About me

I am so blessed to have a great deal of time with my three young children.  From my years of teaching ages birth through 8th grade, I have really come to value the foundation that children receive from their parents at home.  I have always known the importance of this, yet didn’t know what that looked like.  I suppose I felt that it would just happen, but it didn’t. 

One day I was praying.  I was thanking God for this time I have with my son and daughter before they reach school age.  But in my heart of hearts, I didn’t really know what to do with this time.  I felt like most of my interaction with them was just regulating their behavior and trying to get them to let me get my household work done.  I handled things as they came up.  I planned very little.  As I reflected on our time together, phrases I spent most of the day saying came echoing back.  “Don’t eat that, get off your sister, wait, I’m busy right now.”    And then it hit me, is this really the foundation I want for my kids?  True, it is life, but can there be more?  Is this all they need to learn during these tender, impressionable years?  I realized I may be losing these precious times when they are eager to learn and eager to be with me.   Doing nothing, doesn’t work.

So the next thought was what is MOST important for them to get out of these years.  Reading, math, and science- these are all good.  However, to me, a strong biblical foundation is the MOST important.  This is also where they will receive little or no formal training when they are older.  Bible Stories are fun and important.  They stick to your bones and are easily recalled for the rest of your life.  I wanted my children to gain concrete knowledge of stories in God’s word, giving them an anchor for knowing God more as they grow.

Coming up with activities and ways to teach my kids proved to be too difficult unless it was done BEFORE I needed it.  So, I pulled out my son’s Children’s Bible that we had been reading every night before bed.  Though he loved to listen to the stories, I was not sure he was retaining or understanding them.  My son is an active boy.  He will sit to color but be finished in 25 seconds flat.  He prefers to move around, and he learns more when he can.  He wants to run, jump, play, and get messy.  At this point developmentally, that is just fine.  I decided to play to his strengths in order to teach him.    Throughout the next year I spent much of my time planning “Bible Time.”  God was so gracious and poured ideas into me to teach His word.  It was so obviously God’s creativity, not mine.  He gave me ideas that were short, easy, and quick to prepare.

          My kids love it!  They like the routine that we have of doing “Bible Time” every day.  They love doing different activities every day.  And they love telling other family members about it.  My prayer is that God will use some of these ideas in the lives of you and your children.  May you and your children “grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  To him be glory both now and forever” (2 Peter 3:18.)  Thank you for striving to raise Godly children with me.

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